Major Cost Savings

Greater Safety

In all applications, Rocklock used in eliminating the venting of explosive force,greatly reduces fly rock. So in addition to  impprovingg blasting safety in general, it is possible to extend the safe use of explosives into areas in which it would otherwise be marginal.

Improved Fragmentation

Reliable and predictable flow of material from face through crusher is of paramount importance. Data analysis has shown fragmentation may be optimized by up to 20% through the use of Rocklock. Also, considerable reductions in secondary breakage costs have been realised.

Higher Loads for Hard Cap Rock

In breaking of hard cap rock where stemming height would otherwise limit the amountof explosive, Rocklock enables the explosive to be loaded higher into the cap rock. Resulting in better fragmentation.

Extended Hole patterns

As Rocklock enables fuller utilisation of explosive energy, in many cases hole patterns can be expandes. Resulting in reduced cost, fewer holes and less fines.

Blast & Dust Reduction

A marked reduction in both dust and noise are major benefitsof using Rocklock making blasting less offensive to the surrounding residential community and the environment.

Venting Without Rocklock